Ways of payment


-per hour fee
fee depends on number of hours worked on problem
- flat-rate fee
fee is constant, and paid for month

- The Law Office remuneration associated with the litigation substitution (proxy) is
negotiated and set individually with a Client, separately for each case and court instance,
pursuant to the binding provisions of the Regulation on fees for the legal advisers’ actions.
In the event of the Law Office conducting affairs, in which the court has ruled entirely or
partially in favour of the Client’s demands the chamber is entitled to the additional
remuneration set individually with a Client.
Our fees are subject to VAT, which will always be added at the applicable rate.


- In the event of the Law Office undertaking actions related to the Client’s representation
that fall beyond the jurisdiction of the Warszawa District Court or Warszawa Praga
District Court, the Law Office is entitled to reimbursement of both travel and
accommodation costs, estimated in accordance with the conditions stipulated for the
amounts due to employees for inland trips of duties.
- The Client shall bear all expenses and costs incurred in relation to the applicable legal
Revisions, incurred by the chamber in providing the legal services for the Client,
including, among others: taxes, both stamp duty and official costs, as well as notary and
court costs and fees. In the event of covering the aforementioned expenses and costs by
the Law Office, the Client shall reimburse them.


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