Private lawyer

Private lawyer service for individuals

Private lawyer -  is a comprehensive legal service, which consists in providing the client with legal assistance in all major areas of  his life, both personal and professional.
Under this service , the law office offers comprehensive legal advice in the areas of private , family and professional lives of Clients.
The service is primarily aimed at managers, members of management and supervisory boards, business owners, property owners, developers, artists and other public figures
Private lawyer service includes:

  • Family law, property law, matrimonial property regime
  • Inheritance law,
  • Consumers' right protection
  • Insurance law


 +48 22 392 90 83
 +48 720 910 265
+48 602 249 403


Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego
Paweł J. Wróblewski
ul. Zakrzewska 16/23a
00-737 Warszawa

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