“Paweł J. Wróblewski Law Office”
Telephone. : +48 (22) 382 90 83
Mobile telephone: +48  602-249- 403; e-mail
Zakrzewska 16 str. apt.23a; 00-737

Warsaw, Poland

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Paweł J. Wróblewski

00-737 Warszawa , ul. Zakrzewska nr 16 lok. 23a


Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Paweł J. Wróblewski .

 Tax Identification Number (NIP) 521-157- 48-29
The National Office Register of Business Entities (REGON) 012131804
 Counsellor at Law Paweł Wróblewski is a member of District Chamber of
Counsellors at Law in Warsaw - registry number : WA.-3018.

Our Law Office works in compliance with the Act of 6 July 1982 on Counsellors at Law
(Consolidated Text, Journal of Laws, 2002, No.123, Item 1059, as amended), the Freedom of
Business Activity Act of 2 July 2004 (Journal of Laws, No.173, Item 1807) and professional
standards of legal advisers established by legal advisers` self-government of Legal Advisers.

Providing services by Counsellor at Law is covered by obligatory civil liability insurance of
legal advisers in PZU SA.

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The contents of this website are solely informational. They do not constitute any legal advice
(whether or otherwise) and should not be treated as such. We shall not be held liable for
actions taken on the basis of materials presented herein.


 +48 22 392 90 83
 +48 720 910 265
+48 602 249 403


Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego
Paweł J. Wróblewski
ul. Zakrzewska 16/23a
00-737 Warszawa

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